I couldn’t be sure if she was wanting me to be quiet or if it was all a secret. What do you think?

I enjoy working in black ink. I know that noir comics are usually strictly black and white, so I could have used hatching or dots to give the shading I wanted. But for me, this portrait needs tone to give detail and shadows that I wanted.

It no doubt would have been easier in watercolour but instead I chose to experiment with watering down black ink.


Gifts and Talents

” We all have gifts and talents. When we cultivate those gifts and share them with the world, we create a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.”

Squandering our gifts brings distress to our lives…if we don’t use the gifts that we’ve been given; we pay for it with our emotional and physical wellbeing.”

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go for it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” ~ Howard Thurman

~ taken from ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’  by Brene Brown, Ph.D., L.M.S.W.

‘Oh Shite’

'Oh Shite'

We don’t swear in our house. When I first started living with Annie, I knew how and when to use all the best Aussie vernacular. Annie was right in knocking this habit out of me. We were raising our daughters to become fine young ladies and bad language wasn’t appropriate. Anyway… that’s why this artwork is titled ‘Oh Shite’ and not ‘Oh Sh!t’. You het the picture.

I was inspired after seeing this photo on Instagram…


I love it when I can suggest a storyline in the pictures I make. I particularly enjoy watching people look at the art and pick up on the story (or not). Why would an attractive lady who is half-dressed and having just washed her hair be out at the clothes line? To get the blouse she wants to wear out of course. So I had to add that bit it. Annie kindly offered to model for me as you can see below.

Annie modelling with washing
Annie modelling with washing

Maybe she’s going out somewhere special and wanted a particular top that she had to wash it in a hurry. But she goes to get her blouse and there’s a problem. Do you see what it is? Oh sh!t…

'Oh Shite'

My Love Affair

"Love at the Beach"

Today was my first day back at work for the new year. Sitting at my desk, scrolling through emails that had arrived while I was enjoying the company of my mistress. My other love is the one I have for the beach is shared by many Australians who also make their annual pilgrimage to the waters edge over the Christmas holidays.

The picture I painted of my beautiful wife was the first moment she first sat on the sand at our special beach with a celebratory wine in hand. What I saw in Annie’s face at that moment was her enjoying the reward for the time spent planning and the effort saving for our holiday by the beach. Pure natural joy!

More examples of much us Australians love the beach have a look at the wonderful exhibition, ‘On the Beach’ at the  Mornington Peninsular Art Gallery

'On the Beach' Exhibition
‘On the Beach’ Exhibition

Spiral Star

Spiral Star.

There are many stars to be seen at Christmas time. They seem to be everywhere. Inside shopping centres in shiny greens, reds and golds and atop Christmas trees unless of course if that prime spot isnt taken up with a traditional angel.

My star started as a sketch over coffee at Vinnie’s Cafe at Newmarket before starting my day at work. I love symmetry and I enjoy drawing precise shapes without the aid of the instruments I would of used when I was drafting.

Vinnies Star
Vinnies Star

The other shape that was in my thoughts was a helix. Drawing a helix when I was drafting was always an enjoyable challenge. Machine threads and drill bits are things that come to mind. The other image I hold in my head is the Beatle’s “Helter skelter” artwork.

Helter Skelter

When I started sketching I drew a tapered helix that could become one of the points on the star.


What I finally came up with was a combination of the two shapes with the helix shape simplified.

Spiral Star.

Day 62 : “Balloons”

"Balloons" - 16x12 Coptic Markers
“Balloons” – 16×12 Coptic Markers

I think I found the image on Instagram, but it captured my imagination. The scene looked so beautiful and serene. It must be an amazing experience to float above the world on the breeze in the early morning light.

I’ve had the last 3 nights away from drawing which I’m sure doesn’t comply with the #100drawingsin100days guidelines but it has been one heck of a week. I’ve had to crank up Adobe Illustrator to do some graphic design work so I guess it’s sort of drawing, sort of.

I’m enjoying this style of drawing and I’m getting some really encouraging comments from family and friends.

Below is the photo I used for reference

2015-10-24 05.37.12
Balloons – photo reference


Day 54 : “Twiggy”

Day 54 : 100 Drawings in 100 Days – “Twggy” - noir style
Day 54 : 100 Drawings in 100 Days – “Twggy” – noir style

I came across a black and white photo of Twiggy and thought that the contrasts would allow me to recreate a good noir style ink recreation. I again used patterns of dots to represent the half tones. One again, I learn every time I draw.

I am enjoying this style of artwork. It appeals to my inner draftsman, using pencil and ink. I know next to nothing about Noir Comics. They were another form of popular culture that passed me by growing up. What I do like are the power of the contrast, it is very striking.

I am happy with the finished art and I was pleased that She was well received when I posted Her on Facebook and Instagram =)

2015-10-14 18.53.41

Day 45 : “Typewriter Keys”

The inspiration for today’s drawing came from a picture of an old ‘Standard’ typewriter I had seen. Completing a drawing of a typewriter in the hour I have before bedtime didn’t work out. I went to bed disappointed that I couldn’t get it finished.

In the morning I woke up and decided just to create a picture of what was special to me, the clackety clack of typewriter keys striking the paper.

I particularly like this drawing because it’s about focussing on the negative spaces. I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

'Typewriter Keys'

Day 45 : 100 Drawings in 100 Days“Typewriter Keys”